Dessert Graze

A beautiful mix of homemade treats and family favourite sweets, fruit and delicious snacks! Can be colour-coded to any colourscheme or party theme. Served on our circular, hand-carved wooden chopping boards and laid between faux eucalyptus and gypsophila.

Pick a selection of homemade treats:

  • Cupcakes with buttercream
  • Cake slices
  • Fondant sugar cookies
  • Milk or white chocolate chip cookies
  • Brownies topped with chocolate & sprinkles
  • Sugared waffles
  • Pancakes
  • Premium options would include homemade profiteroles, eclairs, doughnuts etc.

Other items included:

  • Selection of chocolates & sweeties such as strawberry laces, cola bottles, flying saucers etc
  • Family favourite biscuits such as Jammy Dodgers, Party Rings etc
  • Homemade chocolate ganache dipping pot
  • Selection of fresh, seasonal fruit
  • Marshmallows & popcorn

If you have a preference of any items, please let us know! Otherwise they will be picked to match your theme/colourscheme. I.e. blue for baby boy babyshower. If there is anything that you can’t see that you would like, please feel free to ask! We are extremely flexible and everything is customisable. Nothing is too much trouble for The Cake Club! Prices are available upon enquiry, to request our e-brochure please use the contact us page.

Prices available upon enquiry by requesting our e-brochure