This is something totally unique here at The Cake Club. We are offering you a chance to become a member with us here via a small monthly subscription fee to The Cake Club.

WHat do you get?

Members of The Cake Club get a monthly surprise goodie box delivered directly to your door, this can includes 4 small brownies or cupcakes of any surprise flavour, some baking accessories and essentials and a set of ingredients and instructions to make a small bake that we would love you to share with us on social media. We will then post the best examples on our feed and select a star baker each month! Geena will also reply to you via Instagram or email on any baking help or advice you may need.

How much is it?

To become a member of the cake club, the subscription fee is £10 a month for all of the items listed above in a  surprise package delivered monthly to the address provided.