Please note our terms and conditions are accepted by you when making an order with us which is confirmed when you have paid the deposit. Please make sure you read & understand them. If you have any objections to our terms you must tell us before paying the deposit.

Our cakes contain Eggs, Dairy and Wheat, and may contain Nuts and Fruit. Please advise us of any allergies you or anyone eating the cake may have so we can advise you appropriately as we may not be able to accommodate for certain allergies. Please be aware that our food is produced in a kitchen that handles nuts, so our cakes are not suitable for anyone with severe nut allergies.

?Please be precise with any specifications you have and please send us any pictures of cakes that are a similar style & design to what you are looking for. All cakes are bespoke and therefore made to your specifications. In the week before your order is made we will send you a confirmation form with all the details of your order. You will be asked to read and agree the design, pick up time, date and location. This is what we will use when making your order. Therefore you must check all the details are correct before agreeing.

We cannot be held responsible for things you haven’t specified or things you have agreed in the confirmation document. If you have agreed to something that is not correct, this is your responsibility. You will need to have confirmed the details of your order within the cake confirmation document by the time we need to start making your order as scheduled. If you do not, we cannot start your order and your order will be cancelled and your deposit will not be returned. If you have not yet responded we will warn you of when you need to respond by in order to agree in time.

?Your order is deemed as accepted once you have collected it and taken it from our premises or accepted it at delivery. You must inspect you order at this time. If you have any complaints about your order it must be stated to us at collection so this can be rectified by us at the time or before the cake is needed.

We cannot issue any refunds under any circumstances once the cake has been accepted at collection/delivery and taken away even if it is picked up by a person other than the person that made the order. This means it is your responsibility to make sure anyone picking up the cake is aware of the design and what it must look like as they will have to make us aware of any complaints of the cake.?

?If you do not pick up the cake on the day arranged or the day after under any circumstances, we reserve the right to resell your cake and may do so if we believe you do not intend to pick the cake up.

?Cakes must also be held upright and with care. The palms of your hands must be supporting the base of the cake, and thumbs supporting the side. Do not press inwards with your thumbs as this will cause the edges of the box to go into the cake.

If you are transporting a cake in the car it is best kept in the boot or passenger footwell as this is level grounding with the air con on full blast. Drive slowly. Please keep sufficient stopping between yourselves and the car in front to prevent any sudden stops. Go slowly around bends. We cannot accept any responsibility for accidents that happen once the cake is out of our control or caused by your own actions.

?Allergy and Safety Information

To confirm our cakes contain Dairy and Wheat, and may contain Nuts and Fruit. Please advise us of any allergies you or anyone eating the cake may have so we can advise you appropriately regarding ingredients or whether we can do your order or not. Although we offer Vegan & Gluten Free options, please be aware that they are still prepared in the same kitchen that handles animal products & products containing gluten.

Our flavours containing fruit will be extra moist due to the juice in the fruit.

Our cakes are made in a kitchen where nuts or other ingredients may have been handled and we cannot guarantee ingredients such as branded confectionery has not been handled in a factory with nuts/other allergens and ingredients. We cannot accept liability of allergic reactions if you do not make us aware of allergies anyone eating the cake has.

?Unless specified, we use Fresh Flowers on our cakes which are not edible. Flowers are placed onto the cakes using floral tape, plastic dowels, food wire or cocktail sticks, so please be aware of this as they are not edible and need to be taken out before it is given to people to eat.

?Tiered cakes contain plastic dowels for stability which need to be removed prior to eating as these are not edible.

?Gold Paint contains Alcohol which is used to paint Gold Drips, Gold Unicorn Horns and other Gold painted items.

?All cakes must be kept in a fridge during storage. Please keep the cake in the fridge as long as possible before the event starts. Cakes left out in a heated environment for a number of hours may start to deteriorate. Please make sure that the cake is not left in direct sunlight.


?We require a non-refundable deposit to be paid upfront to make the booking. We cannot reserve dates without a deposit. Deposits are not transferable to a different date due to the time your date has already been held. We will try however try to move your date if we have space.